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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Our comprehensive eye exam includes a prescription check as well an eye health evaluation for cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. We also assess the eyes for signs of systemic disease, such has high blood pressure and diabetes. We have a full service, optical dispensary featuring eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety eyewear, sports eyewear, and contact lenses.

Urgent/Red Eye Infection Office Visit

Red or painful eyes can be caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our well trained doctors will perform the proper diagnostic tests to determine the cause of infection and to prescribe the proper medical treatment necessary.

Sudden changes in vision or vision loss, sudden increase in floaters and/or flashes of light may be an ocular emergency and should be evaluated immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment may prevent permanent vision loss.

Pediatric Eye Exam (ages 3-5)

A child’s very first eye exam should occur at 6 months of age, and if no vision or ocular problems are detected, the subsequent exam should be at age 3. At this age, the child is rapidly developing and growing, and new changes in vision can occur. Our pediatric eye examination evaluates a child’s vision, pupil response, eye alignment, eye muscle teaming, fixation, vision, and ocular health.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Consultation and Treatment

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an advanced, non-invasive, non-surgical process which reshapes the cornea while you sleep so that you are able to see throughout the day without having to wear any contact lenses or glasses. Ortho-K is safe and effective for all ages and is most successful for patients with low to moderate nearsightedness (-4.00 diopters or less) with or without astigmatism (–1.75 diopters or less). Before making a decision to use Ortho-K technology, a complete eye examination and consultation is necessary to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for Ortho-K.

Contact Lens Exam

We offer Contact Lens examinations and evaluations for both soft, hard and custom designed, specialty contact lenses. Services include:

• New Fitting for first time contact lens wearers
• Custom Designed contact lenses for patients with high astigmatism, corneal disease, or patients who are interested in multifocal or hybrid lenses
• Refitting for patients interested in trying a different brand or type of contact lenses
• Contact Lens Evaluations for patients interested in keeping the same brand or type of contact lenses but need an update of the prescription

LASIK Evaluation and Pre/Post-op Management

LASIK (Laser In Situ Keratomileusis) is a surgical medical procedure that eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses. Wavefront technology is an advanced technique that creates an optical map of each eye for increased customization during LASIK surgery. The treatment is unique to each eye just as a fingerprint is unique and allows the surgical procedure to be more precise. Custom Wavefront LASIK is painless and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Our LASIK evaluations include consultation and preliminary screening tests to help determine whether you are a good candidate for refractive surgery. We also provide convenient follow-up/post-op care at our office.